I keep this website simple because your time matters. My passion is to transform complex data into simple design.​

spatial design

I use immersive AR/VR experiences to create environments where we can enhance our comprehension of complex data.

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The beauty of an interface doesn’t guarantee good usability. My UI/UX focuses on the relationship between interactor and interactable.

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Merely contemplating it won’t budge the boulder. As a developer, I shepherd my projects from conception through execution.

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here are two examples

I create digital products that enhance our comprehension of complex data.

I am crafting digital experiences by bridging design and Technology

Who I am

Shaping the Future from Logos to Digital Experiences

As a communication-design graduate, I’ve evolved from creating logos and brand identities to specializing in the dynamic realm of digital products, with a keen focus on Userinterfaces and Userexperiences.

Exploring VR/AR Frontiers

My passion for immersive experiences led me to explore the cutting edge of design. I delved into creating captivating VR/AR experiences during my studies, culminating in a compelling bachelor’s thesis at the intersection of creativity and technology.

Elevating Digital Experiences through Intuitive Design

Driven by a commitment to clarity and user-centric design, I bring a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to my projects. I am aiming to not just creating digital products but to elevate them into intuitive and engaging solutions for users.

Immersive Design and Development

What I do

An Icon of a VR / AR Headset representing my Design Service


I create immersive AR/VR experiences as a service, bringing digital realities to life through meticulous design.

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I offer UI/UX design services to enhance user interactions, ensuring seamless and intuitive digital experiences.

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I provide development services to turn visionary concepts into functional and innovative digital solutions through expert coding and programming.

My current Projects

Things I've created

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